Clever login not working

For Staff: Troubleshooting – Logging in – Clever Support

Dec 20, 2022 — If you click on Log in with Active Directory or Log in with Office 365 and the login page fails to load, trying clearing your cache. If …

For Students: Troubleshooting – Logging in to Clever

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Dec 21, 2022 — If your student receives an error stating Invalid username or password, this means the credentials your student has entered are incorrect for …

For Families: Troubleshooting – Logins to Clever

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Aug 8, 2022 — The most common cause of this is a user trying to log in that is not yet synced to Clever, but it could also be that the field we match on, say …

Troubleshooting: Google Login Issues – Clever Support

Dec 20, 2022 — Login errors can occur for several reasons. The most common issues are: … If your district’s login method is Google, Active Directory, Office …

For Teachers: Troubleshooting – Student logins – Clever Support

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Aug 8, 2022 — Viewing your district Login Logs … The best place to start when troubleshooting an error logging into Clever is your Login Logs (Support tools > …

Troubleshooting: Tools – Login Logs – Clever Support

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Aug 8, 2022 — Best practices for logging out of Clever and connected apps · Step 1: Log the user out of any learning applications · Step 2: Log the user out of …

Troubleshooting: Issues with Shared Devices – Clever Support

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Jan 27, 2023 — Troubleshooting Checklist · The user must have an active Clever account. · The fields the district is using for username and password for Clever …

Troubleshooting: Clever Passwords Login Issues

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Aug 19, 2022 — 2. Select a user using Clever ID, SIS ID, Name, or Email and selecting the name of the application they having problems accessing.

Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot Login tool – Clever Support

Aug 8, 2022 — Most login issues must be resolved by the application’s support team. Clever Tip: If they are seeing an error at a web URL that is not a Clever …

Troubleshooting: App issues – Clever Support

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